Register all locations per deck. – Associate the work orders to the item. – Migration of the Crew list and Contacts.

On board consultancy to register the technical specifications like Location Details, Tanks, Equipment, Fire Fighting equipment, Safety & Rescue equipment, Tenders and toys or Dry Dock connections, including the migration of the Crew list, Contacts and much more.


The details onboard are relevant to get accurate shipyard proposals . Ensure that information of any equipment or item is well-organized and updated.


  • Brand.
  • Type.
  • Serial number.
  • Running hours.
  • Photographic register.
  • Relevant documentation.
  • Manuals, Report
  • Conditions details.


Preparing a project in detail involves a huge amount of work and planification, which also requires specific knowledge across many areas and refit aspects.


Our YWL team provides clients with the necessary expertise, skills and knowledge to prepare the right Technical Specifications to fulfill the requirements of refit shipyards and project management.


Solid preparation and information management always rewards the project through the minimisation of unforeseen costs, stress reduction and, ultimately, an improvement in the final quality of the project.


A full paint job looks easy to quote but there are a lot of ancillary services to consider not only money wise but also timewise.


A complete list of fittings and equipment to be removed, repaired, cleaned, stored and re-installed is essential to save time at the final stretch of the project, since fittings have to be re-installed while the yacht is getting ready to go to sea mode.


A complete fittings list including the condition report is the key to the project final stretch success.


Moreover, it is very important to give the shipyards as much details as possible regarding the caulking removal of deck and superstructure perimeters as well as the windows and portholes.


Having a condition report of the Yacht before going into a refit, after a busy charter season or before a buy-sell action can help to avoid problems in a later stage.


Knowing the condition of the yacht before means that all parties are aware of the defects and in this way the responsibilities for damages can be accurately determined.


During large refit periods, there are many contractors on board and many surface defects can be caused in both the teak decks and the paint and it is very important to know when they were caused.

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