The YWL Multidisciplinary Team is working on future versions: Management | Shipyard | Contractor.

The platform is currently focused on Yacht Management and the well organised information sharing, on a unique and interactive platform.


The Yacht Work List Project has developed a detailed road map and designed the future software versions for standardising the new era, the digital era, of the Superyacht industry, allowing all stakeholders to be part of the platform. The near future will see us present more details on the following projects:

YWL Management. Where fleet control and management are reduced and simplified on an optimised platform.


YWL Shipyards & Contractors. Where the current communication between the Yacht and Shipyards or Contractors will be improved, and the same tools will be extended to these relevant, interesting, and powerful stakeholders.


The Yacht Work List Software is introduced to the naval industry from the top, but is designed to extend throughout the entire industry.